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When Boskovic took the stand next, Wampler told him, "You look nervous."Boskovic replied, "I'm scared."Boskovic said that since being charged, he has had to live in a motel where he was under house arrest.He only recently moved into an apartment, Boskovic said, and it was the only place that would accept him because of the charges facing him.

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He criticized the prosecuting attorney for sneaking the victim into the courtroom at night to practice her testimony."I'd love to have seen a video of that," Wampler said.

He said that there were no bruises or abrasions on the victim and noted she didn't have a rape kit done.

That night in May, the woman went back to Boskovic's room and went to bed together, he said.

When the woman turned over, Chapman said, she saw Boskovic with his pants off.

Chapman replayed parts of a recorded phone conversation between Boskovic and the victim.

The victim could be heard saying: "You always tried, but you never actually did it ...Wampler pointed out she had already accomplished that.He also noted the victim's name was not included in any media coverage."I'm sure most people at Drury know," she said.An attorney for Boskovic said he may be filing an appeal.Boskovic is a 25-year-old Serbian national who was a graduate student at Drury at the time of the rape.When she got to her home, however, the woman realized she didn't have her keys, so Boskovic offered to let her stay at his place, according to court documents.

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