Xmobar not updating

The mod-q action calls the xmonad binary to recompile itself, so if your display manager is starting it with /path/to/xmonad you'll also have to edit your mod-q binding to use the full path and restart X (or in newer versions use 'xmonad --restart') to restart xmonad with the new mod-q full path binding.If you recently changed ghc versions see #Upgraded GHC and now xmonad xmonad-contrib etc are not found Yes.

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Alternatively symlink them to locations already in the PATH.

will tell you if you have inconsistent dependencies or other registration problems.

All source provided with this project is well documented and simple to customize.

For source code, or to contribute, see the xmonad-config project page.

If you find yourself spending a lot of time organizing or managing windows, you may consider trying xmonad.

However, xmonad can be somewhat difficult to configure if you're new to Haskell or even to xmonad itself.This project contains a completely working and very usable xmonad configuration "out of the box".If you are just starting out with xmonad, this will give you a configuration that I personally use for around 12 hours every day.If no xterm appears, see if any other advice on this page applies.The hackage page for xmonad lists all dependencies, including: The library will be registered in your ~/.ghc/ database.Once xmonad-config is installed, you also need to ensure you can actually start xmonad. This includes things like key bindings, colors, layouts, etc. Scripts are provided to do things like take screenshots, start the system tray, start dmenu, or fix your multi-head layout after a fullscreen application may have turned off one of the screens.

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