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The first computer dating services started in 1957 as brick and mortar offices where single men and women flock to get a chance to meet their perfect match.They will be required to fill up a series of forms where they enter their personal information, just as we fill up today's online profile forms.

Do you indulge in social dancing but neglect to take your private lesson vitamins? There is an overwhelming number of events available, and it seems like there’s always something amazing tempting you.

I’m not saying you should restrict your activities – not at all! But for the sake of your health, sanity, and longevity in this scene, it would be a good idea to strive for balance.

It may seem prehistoric and outdated to some, but the operations involved in yesterday's computer dating services and in today's online dating systems are similar.

Modern technology may have replaced the paper forms, punch cards and card readers but the dating agency still exists to drive the whole operation, oversee and control the processes involved.

The computers will then read the cards and compare the information with other cards to find a match.

When the computer finds a match, its job is finished, and the humans take over the task of initiating contact between the matching single persons.This nutrient needs to be activated by social dancing to learn how to apply the skills you learn “out in the wild”.Private lessons make group classes way easier to digest.So, using the original intention of the word, ask yourself how your “dance diet” is going.Do you binge on a convention then starve for months? In the last 10 years, the WCS scene has grown exponentially and with it the number and quality of activities and resources available for consumption.Let’s first consider the “food groups” of Westie-life, then flesh out the ideal balance to strive for: Group classes are like potatoes and rice – they are a staple that make up the bulk of the Westie diet.

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