Partnersuche senftenberg - Two medical students dating

Here are some ABC’s 🙂 A) Academics is a top priority (it’s your dream to be a doctor, isn’t it? Make sure your SO understands this in the beginning of the relationship, otherwise they will feel like you are cheating on them with Med School, and that is just a weird concept to wrap your head around.

Though we may be silent for hours at a time, just having someone you love be physically near you is a great source of stress relief. Though sometimes we throw physical punches at each other in that class, it helps relieve our stress with school.

And it helps us to be silly yet competitive with each other!

Karina, MS4 Relationship Status: In a relationship, local “Having a relationship in Medical School is probably the hardest thing to do!

You want to spend time with your significant other, your family, and your friends, but you also have tons of studying to do, or are working long hours when doing rotations.

Also, I tried to include them in my life by telling them about the type of patients I was seeing, or what I was learning, what was fun, and what wasn’t fun. When she has nothing to do but I have to study, she will come study with me but she will watch a movie or something on her computer.

Just having them understand what I was doing on a regular basis made it feel like we were in this together.” Kai, MS1 Relationship Status: Engaged Making sure your relationship is successful comes down to time management and making sure your SO is a top priority. I stop studying by 9 pm every night and never study during dinner.Also, ensuring that we talk to each other very day is very important.If anything, at least a 2 minute phone call can and should be done!We will be doing long-distance while she does a long internship for the program she’s in.We are planning official dates to visit each other.Fair warning: This post is long, but I wanted to gather as much advice from people at different points in the dating scene!

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