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This took him to La Trobe University in Bendigo, where he has just graduated with a Bachelor of Pharmacy with honours.It was his many years spent in a refugee camp in Kenya, where medicine was in short supply, that provided the foundation for him wanting to pursue a career that involved caring for people."When you grow up in a refugee camp everybody sticks together, everybody is like a brother to you," Mr Deng said."I was brought up in that kind of love where you have to nurture other people, and you feel better in giving than receiving — that's what I've known through my life."Rowan Powell, the operations manager at a Bendigo pharmacy where Mr Deng spent three years as a pharmacy student, said a good pharmacist needed to be caring and compassionate."Someone who loves dealing with people and likes to help people and make a difference — that's the key ingredient to a successful community pharmacist," he said.

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Mr Powell said Mr Deng always had a smile on his face and managed to build an instant rapport with his team and customers."He just had a good energy and was great to have as part of our team," he said.

Mr Deng's mother, Yom Mun Awuol, could not be prouder of her son."I am so happy," she said.

The attack followed a weekend ambush in Wau by rebel fighters that killed government troops.

Yesterday’s retaliatory attack specifically targeted people from the Fertit and Luo ethnic groups, witnesses said.

“There were 10 people who had been injured.” The International Committee for the Red Cross also confirmed the clashes and said it flew in a surgical team yesterday to assist the wounded. Moses Peter, a priest in Wau, told South Sudan’s Radio Miraya that more than 3,000 people, mostly women and children, sought shelter at the nearby Catholic Church.

South Sudan fell into a civil war in 2013 when fighting broke out between troops loyal to President Salva Kiir, who is from the Dinka ethnic group, and former Vice President Riek Machar, who is Nuer.Mr Deng, 24, always had a passion for science, especially the subjects of chemistry and physics.But after a year of studying a Bachelor of Medicinal Chemistry, he decided his two loves would be better suited to pharmacy.Jasek returned home with the Czech delegation and arrived in Prague, the country’s capital, late Sunday night.Czech diplomats carried out several previous negotiations with Sudanese officials, Zaoralek said in a statement.The attack is the latest against civilians and follows several warnings of a possible genocide looming in the war-torn country.

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