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There have been numerous deathbed confessions of high USG officials and scientists involved in the Alien ET matters.

That is the growing awareness among We The People of the identities of who the Hierarchy Kingpins are, and all the evil they have been doing to take away our God-given Rights.

These were the rights that have supposed to have been guaranteed by the US Constitution.

All because DHS and the FBI have wrongly labeled him as a so-called “domestic terrorist”, when he has served us all by exposing massive illegal spying and corruption.

Novitsky is telling the truth about the harassment; I personally swept his home with advanced German EMF-sensing equipment and the equipment was red-lined.

My guess is that should the Hierarchy persist with their recent new efforts to disarm Americans or continue to tamper with and fake the election process giving us a Potus not wanted, We the People could easily go ballistic and begin to immediate accept the same rules of play that the Hierarchy has used against them and other victims like the Russian Tsar Nicholas II and his family.

The Hierarchy is still energized and empowered by its unlimited access to, and elastic endless supply of US Debt notes, aka the US Petro Dollar; but its value is now waning by the day; and their US Petro Dollar will soon be weakened and dead.

Right now thousands of these “ISIS” mercenaries are trapped in a pincer type action in Syria with no way out.

Complete defeat is at hand, despite all the secret supply drops by US aircraft for the CIA who has been secretly supplying ISIS.

Russian Federation air power is now the best in the World and has crushed the mercenary forces hired by Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the UK and America who have been pretending they are the official Islamic State Army.

In doing this, Putin and the Russian Federation have checkmated the Khazarian Mafia and its Establishment Hierarchy in Syria.

However, the Hierarchy is a foreign-based enemy of America, and is working hard to destroy America’s constitutional republic.

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