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Tza Tza "Sasa" Lanz - she's Valentina's aunt, her sister Eva Lanz was killed by Olimpia.

She's a very loving person whose only family is Valentina and she'll do anything for her.

He first sees Pandora when he came to her house with Franklin searching for Valentina.

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She owns "la pension" - it's a large modest home that has over 5 rooms.

She rents them out but she's so nice she takes in people who can't pay and finds herself in financial debt.

Franklin Carreño - he's an honest cop who fell in love with Valentina from the moment he first met her.

He sees her inner goodness and he gets very upset when people try to take advantage of her sweetness.

With all of the problems her brother gets into in the beginning of the novela she often turns to him until he kisses her one day.

She denies their love for a while but he convinces her to let him into her heart.

Her parents are Lorenzo Lorenz and Carmela "Muñeca ” Lorenz - recently she found out that her mother who is good and honest is not really her mother and she's a product of an affair her father had and "Muñeca” adopted her as her own daughter.

Pandora Villanueva Mercouri - she's the third child of Olimpia & Juan Angel. Pandora saw at the age of 6 her mother kill her uncle Luis Felipe and that has traumatized her.

She has 'episodes' of lunacy where she starts screaming and struggling.

For this reason she's considered the weird one in the family.

He's suspected for a while that Orestes might feel more for Valentina than mere friendship.

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