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Anyone who has ever tried to match game capture to footage captured off a vlogging camera will know my struggle. This is a weird post for me because I diligently woke up at 6am ready for my "work day". Whenever I buy second-hand books it really makes my day when I find a book with an inscription. I've included what the book is about, my favourite quote as well as when it would be a good time to… A South African geek who loves gadgets, technology and Esports.

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When I decided to start live streaming I realised I needed a webcam.

Actually, I realised I needed a webcam a good few months earlier when I was struggling to edit game play videos on You Tube.

The CMOS-sensor is without auto iris and with digital contrast enhancement and configurable exposure measurement zones guarantees optimum exposure control.

Direct exposure of the sun onto the CMOS-chip doesn't do any harm to the electronics!

Some webcams are installed askew or are not perfectly focused.

It may happen that the update is disrupted due to power failure (hey, this camera is in the African wilderness after all), or bad weather conditions.

The build-in Linux-Computer with the easy to handle operating system makes the system independent from any PC or other hardware.

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