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After that, just run into the box and Snake will climb it.

Yeah -- that's unlocked after you beat every Main Ops and Extra Ops mission.

Gather enough cores and you'll be able to make one of your own. Do NOT shoot the parts on the mechs or you will damage other optional parts that you can collect; just aim for the AI Pod and collect the memory cores. To do this, you need to expose the Leader and take him out without completely destroying his vehicle. After finding uniforms in levels or unlocking them by various means, you can switch out your uniform in the Mission Prep menu just before starting a mission.

For an in-depth look at this mission, check out Greg Miller's Walkthrough. Fora complete list of uniforms, check out our Weapons & Equipment section.

You need to get on the rooftop to the south, with the sniper on it, and position yourself on the northern edge of the roof.

From here, tap R and roll/jump onto the roof to the north with the document.

When they are going at it, look for 7 hearts or more spreading from the box, it is possible to have a rank S on the mission. Check out the Walkthrough section on this for more.

Wait for the mission results, and if got a score of 200 or above, the you've got a rank S!! Extra Ops are unlocked by playing Main Ops and Extra Ops Missions.

-Additions by Dark Mastah To get S rank you have to choose these sentences in mission prep: I'm with ya. Check out our Weapons & Equipment section for more on this.

For many of these parts -- like the Railgun -- you can fight the Chrysalis and AVOID HARMING ANYTHING BUT THE AI POD.

If you need help with something you didn't find in our guide, we can still help you.

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