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thanks Hi guys I just read ur comments............i dunno what to say but i am 13 years old and i masturb daily i know i am doign a sin so i should stop it and never do it again please help me get rid of this habbit i started fo when i saw some videos in my father laptop 3 years back...

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We have not had sex or touched in probably 15 to 20 years. We had kids quite late 35 and 42 so our daughter is just graduating college.

I have had a serious addiction to porno for easily 35 years and my fetishes have gotten more finite with each passing year.

I have had NO success with any pill, viagra and all of them but have long ago realized that I have a psychological problem and not a physical one.

Love to hear some feedback from anyone with a similiar situation.

I am not happy emotionally with my marriage and want to be single again, not for sexual reasons, but for my own freedom and doing things that I want to do.

We have had a very emotionally split relationship for many years and have had to stay together for the children and now that is approaching it finality.I did experience a renewed rational interest toward normal women and even looking at my wife differently but reverted to my porno for satisfaction.I had radiation and seed implantation for prostate cancer, stage one, and now have dry ejaculation but have recovered to defeat the cancer.I also joined the man to man prostate cancer support group and was very hahppy with the decision I made for cancer treatment.bph becomes an increasing problem of greater potentail with age paralleling the frequency of prostate cancer.If you wont find or wont fight with your fear you will never be able to stop.

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